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TOPIC: Please solve it

Please solve it 5 days 19 hours ago #7859

  • hun lee
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I do not live in an English - speaking country.
I apologize for using Google Translator to tell you my story.

I do not see it when I chat in the game.
When I play, I focus on the game but I do not see anything else.

If you have time to chat, change your magazine.
Chatting is not helpful for games other than team play.

I started playing first-person games for a long time before playing steam games.
There are so many games that you can hardly do online multiplayer games.

Call of Duty 4 games are still fun over time.
I joined the steam server and joined a foreign server, so I learned that I could play games with foreigners rather than domestic ones.

I do not know how long it takes to play cod4 games.
The longer I was able to see the more skill I get from the experience.

This uav skill can not be expressed in terms of sweetness.

If you do not see the enemy uav and you see the skill in the deep impact of killing people in the building by killing wallhack is like that .

Use the skills in the game to kill enemies
I am using a cheat and are not allowed to play game..

I do not use any other way of playing games in any multiplayer game in my experience.

Anyone who has played a game on a foreign server will know how I feel.
High ping and lag that is nothing.

I try to keep my rules in game but when I play foreign server game, it is bigger ..
The screen moves so slowly that it can not move.

How can I do that?
I just have to wait until the speed rises again.

In south Korea, Internet speed is very fast.
The default is 100M
The Internet speed used at home is 300 ~ 500M or 1G.

It is fast in south Korea but slows down when playing games on foreign servers.
I am connected to the submarine cable and I am just satisfied with the game.

So far I have written a brief summary of the emotions I feel while playing.

Thank you for taking the time to watch.

Always wish for your family's health and happiness
I'll see you again in time

Please understand that there may be misinterpretations using the translator.

my player name : Specialist

GUID : 74e47bbb

=l h4x l= war 24/7 ser team deathmatch -> wallhack

=l h4x l= FFA ll By free-for-all ->Enforcing prior kick/ban
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Please solve it 5 days 18 hours ago #7860

  • =|Six|=
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Greetings from the USA, ive been to the airport in South Korea but i would love to actually go there one day.

Anyways moving on to the topic.....

Im the guy who banned you and let me explain why.

almost 6 days ago you posted here on the forum that you had been banned for wallhack.

I saw you in game AFTER you made that post which led me to think you bypassed your ban which is absolutely NEVER acceptable here on our servers.

I made the "assumption" that the ban was for all the servers. After looking at your GUID i see you didnt bypass the ban. It seems they only banned you on WAR server. Me seeing your post about being banned for 30 days and then i see you on the server.... of course i think this guy is bypassing his ban.

It seems i was wrong about that part of things. (im referring to my ban, not the wallhack ban)

This is a unique situation for me so let me talk to a couple of admins and see what they want to do about this situation.

Thank you for your understanding AND thank you for being pleasant in your post... i really appreciate that.

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Please solve it 5 days 17 hours ago #7861

  • =|h4x|=psyclone
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You can play on FFA server until your ban is up on War server
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